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Here I play with my ideas, projects and concepts. This site will constantly be a work in progress, so check back from time to time.

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My development background

I started by originally learning COBAL and some FORTRAN back in 1983. Then wrote a lot of code for the Wildcat BBS system back in 1988 (quite a few of my projects for that platform are STILL being used today. Did some Visual Basic, and then along came the web. Owned my first web domain in 1992. Developed lots of code for the X-Cart e-commerce platform from 1998-2017, and here we are today.


Tools I use


All of my projects are running v7.3 - v8.1


Extensive Dynamic Database usage throughout all my projects


What an amazing set of tools!


The base for all my fun.

Current Projects

Many more projects will be featured as time permits.

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